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Savestates not working

Started on Wednesday 11/30/2011 9:40:18 PM by PyroPig

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So I've recently been mostly playing GBA ans SNES roms, but for some reason, only Minish Cap will save. For example, when I try to save on gpSP, I go to the savestate options, and i try to save by hitting B where it says "Save savestate to current slot", and on Minish Cap, it would say at the top the date and time that I saved. However, when I try to save with any other GBA game, it doesn't show the date and time, letting me know that it didn't save. Nothing at all saves for pocketSNES. Also, I've tried to just use the internal battery's saving, and it didn't work either.

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GP2XWiz Admin Says:
Thursday 12/1/2011 5:36:32 PM

You have asked some good questions here - I just went ahead and tested the saving and loading of states in both gpSP (GBA) and PocketSNES using multiple games in each.

First, gpSP worked without a hitch for me (Pressed Y from within the game to load emulator options and handle the save slots, etc). One thing to keep in mind is that it appears to handle save states for ALL games together. So in other words, slot # 0 had a save state for Mario Pinball Land, and slot # 1 had a save state for Mario Grand Prix. Be sure to specify a new save slot before writing to it if you do not want to lose your previously saved other game.

As far as PocketSNES goes, it handles save states for each game separately (Press VOL UP + VOL DOWN from within the game to enter the menu). So for instance, I have a separate save slot # 0 for each game that I tested, and saving/loading worked fine for me.

A couple of questions:

1. Do you have everything running on the internal memory (NAND) or on an SD card? I'm using an external SD card.

2. I wonder if we are running different versions of the emulators from one another. You might want to download my Wiz SD Card Contents and test this out with the emulator versions which I am using.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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